About us

Open workshop and studio!

The FahrArt is an open workshop, which is to be understood as a meeting place. Craftspeople with and without talent, and people with projects and creative ideas have the opportunity to find fellow craftspeople to exchange ideas and to instruct each other. The basic idea is to use resources that are already available. This concerns learned knowledge and experiences of individual persons as well as the processing of existing used materials in the context of upcycling and recycling.


We provide all tools and machines that can be used, after instructed by us, for the following operations:

Bicycle repair/construction

all bikes, for young and old

We repair by ourselves, or help you to repair or assemble your bike.

cargo bicycle repair/construction

all load bicycle variants up to the living mobile bicycle

You own a freight bike in need of repair or maybe you want to build one yourself or have one built? You are in the right place. Also special conversions are usually no problem.

trailer construction

the affordable alternative to the cargo bicycle

You need a means of transport that should be attached to your bike and which is not yet available on the market? Come to us and we will see what works.


Repair of bicycle parts

from tube to headlight

You have a broken tail light, or your tube has only a small hole, or your rear gear is stuck and in the bike store the new part is too expensive? Then repair it yourself. We help you with our experience and our tools.

Recycling and upcycling of bicycle parts

from the spoke to the shifter

Before parts end up in scrap or garbage, there are many things you can do with them. Don’t you think so? Then let us convince you that the loop can be extended until the time of disposal. Creativity is not magic. So get inspired and become a creative new spirit yourself.

metal laboratory

cutting, welding, grinding

You’ve always wanted to work or repair metal, and don’t know how to do it? We show you in our metal workshop how it is done or do it for you.

Jewelry production

Each man (or woman) is the goldsmith to his own fortune

“Make your own jewelry? – That is not at all possible.” Do you think so? Then come to us and let us convince you of the opposite at our two equipped goldsmiths’ places.

Art, craft & creativity as resources – common ground!
From bicycle to art and from recycling to upcycling!
FahrArt - Bicycle Workshop Team